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The Idea of Toxic Masculinity

Whether you like it or not, the concept of “toxic masculinity,” which has been budding as of late in terms of popularity and recognition, is a real thing. For many years, stereotypes that are associated with genders have been prevalent with large swaths of the population thinking nothing of them and perhaps, in many cases, brushing them off as unimportant.

But it is time we address them head on. For example, a common insult for boys playing sports or playing on the playground is to say that their friends are playing “like girls.”

In recent years, women have reclaimed this idea, even turning it into a Super Bowl commercial where they showed how cool it was to actually play like a girl. (After all, with the success of Serena Williams, wouldn’t you want to be able to play tennis like a girl?)

But one such notion in this realm is the idea of toxic masculinity. Many men have had it instilled in them that doing things like crying or being open about their emotions are acts to be looked down upon and they are taught that they need to “man up,” whatever that means.

Research has shown that men experience higher levels of stress when their masculinity is threatened. This is definitely not a good thing to be prevalent in society.

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