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Are Movies Controlling Us?

One of the most dominant aspects of our current society and culture, as they stand today, is the idea of entertainment. Whether it is reading a book, taking in a play, listening to music, watching television, or, especially, going to the movies, entertainment is a prevalent faction of society and culture that, without it, would make the world a little more dull.

But because of the prevalence of things like movies in our lives, it might stand to reason that there is another effect coming from them beyond just the simple notion of being entertaining. In fact, many believe that movies have the ability to shape the way we think. Disney movies help teach us lessons and morals that are instilled in us as values from very young ages, for example.

And other such movies, regardless of the target audiences, serve to be important factors in changing the way we think. And even if you think that you are an individual and you are not the one who is susceptible to having your thoughts altered by film, then it is very likely that watching movies was actually the course of action that led you to think this way.

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