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Approaching Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease is a particularly common and devastating that one that impacts about five million people just in the United States alone. It results in a great deal of cognitive deficiencies for those who suffer from it and many efforts to treat the disease have been unsuccessful in the past history of dealing with the disease.

However, there are new methods of treatment that are resulting both in North America and in Europe that have researchers quite excited. These attempts have resulted in one particular method of potentially treating the disease with something that typically is used to treat herpes.

First noticed in 1906, Alzheimer’s is responsible for roughly sixty-five percent of reported cases of dementia. Mostly, the disease is one that impacts the elderly population, but five percent of reported cases see people who experience the disease before they turn sixty-five years old.

Some symptoms of Alzheimer’s include impaired memory and cognitive capabilities, drastic mood swings, and unpredictable behavior. Once the disease becomes significant enough, the motor functions of those who are impacted can become impaired, with walking and speaking becoming much more challenging for people to conduct.

The average amount of years those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s can survive is eight, but some have been known to live for as many as twenty years.

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